Thursday, January 28, 2010

Value Proposition

Value propositiong: is the full mix of benefits upon which a brand is positioned (pg. 190). Value propositioning gives the consumers a reason for buying your product, whether your position be "more for more" or "less for much less".

In the Target add above their value proposition is "more for less", meaning you get the same equivalent-quality products at a lower price than the competitor. This marketing tactic is telling consumers that by shopping at Target they will be getting a better deal for their everyday products, for example, soy joy bar, vitamin water, orbit gum, and up and up toilet paper. The specific brand recognition within the commercial tells consumers that they won't have to settle for lower quality brands in order to save a little money, they just have to shop at Target where they can access the same high quality brands at a discounted price.

Targets value propostioning is trying to attract anyone and everyone who likes using quality products for a good price.

Cynthia Meadows-Read, Section E

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