Thursday, January 21, 2010

Positioning Statement

This Johnson and Johnson Bubble Bath and Wash commercial that I found on YouTube is the perfect example of a company developing and explaining its positioning statement for a product. A positioning statement should identify the target market, the brand, the frame of reference, the points of difference, and the product's attributes (see p. 192).

The commercial begins by showing a happy baby covered in bubbles, stating that "bubbles make good hats, and even better memories." The image of a baby laughing and enjoying her bath that her mother is giving her illustrates that the company is targeting mothers. Understanding that parents want their child(ren) to not only have the safest products, but also to be safe enough to use daily, Johnson and Johnson further backs up its claim of being able to use the Bubble Bath and Wash every day by stating that their formula is the first and only to be clinically proven to be so mild and gentle that it can be used daily.

In just thirty seconds, Johnson and Johnson has illustrated its positioning statement: "To loving and nurturing mothers, Johnson and Johnson Bubble Bath and Wash is the brand of bubble baths and washes that allows your baby take bubble baths every day because of its clinically proven formula that is so mild and gentle that it can be used daily."

Karlyn Kurokawa, Section E

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