Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Consumer-Generated Marketing

With people having more ways than ever to voice their opinions about products, companies have been using this to their advantage through consumer-generated marketing (page 19). Consumers are managing to play a larger role now in both shaping brand messages and advertisements as well.

With their purchase of YouTube a few years back, Google has been using the popular video site as a means to market their new phone, the Nexus One. The video is from YouTube user, nigahiga, who is currently the most subscribed user with over 1.8 million subscribers. Google sponsored him to create a video about their Nexus One as a means of advertising it the millions of people who visit YouTube each day. Even though the video is rather short, coming in at under a minute, it has still generated over 2.7 million views which all acts as advertisement for Google. By reaching out to many of the more well known users on YouTube, Google has managed to create a means by which to effectively advertise their product.

Darren Oh, Section G

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