Friday, January 22, 2010

Mass Customization

Individual marketing (also known as mass customization) is becoming a common term among companies. In an attempt to "delight" customers, many companies are getting into what Dell has been known for from the beginning. By definition, individual marketing means "tailoring products and marketing programs to the needs and preferences of individual customers" (p. 181). Tailoring products to customers is seeing an individual in every customer and not a customer in every individual.

To delight its customers, Dell practices mass customization. But instead of supplying billions of different computers on shelves (transferring some of the inventory costs on to its cusnumers), it allows you to order your PC on demand. You can go to Dell's website and choose whether your next computer is best suited for home, entertainment or small business purposes. You can then choose whether you want a laptop, desktop, compact etc. as well as your accessories. In summary, you choose the size, color, OS, weight, RAM, processor, hard drive, etc. that best suits you. You can also have your laptop assembled and delivered to you within 2 business days I believe. By operating this way, Dell defines and is a perfect example of mass customization by tailoring each PC to its consumer. See the promotional video below:

The Dell example goes out to show mass customization and the ability to target and attract multiple individuals without leaving anyone out. It sees an individual in every customer and tries to tailor to each and every one of them to acquire their loyalty.

Viktor Brynza, Section E
Chapter 6


  1. The best example of mass customisation is the custom dress shirt industry.

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    The on-line shirt tailoring is the best example of mainstream mass customisation

  2. The most valuable examples of customizations are those pursued by premium brands. Read more about this aspect here: I think BMW Group has a more impressive customization program - judging by the enthusiastic consumer following: MINI. Mini has been able to "premiumize" the small/second car segment behind a concept of personalization and a underdog attitude. Creating not what people need, but what they want. read more about customization as a tool for premium brand creation here: