Thursday, January 28, 2010

Local Marketing

Local Marketing: Tailoring brands and promotions to the needs and wants of local customer groups- cities, neighborhoods, and even specific stores
Different areas around the country are known for different things. Everything is bigger in Texas; If you like the snow, travel to Denver; are hiking and fishing your hobbies? The Northwest has got you covered. Marketers know this as well as I do, and they can use various marketing strategies to target each region.
Pemco Insurance uses the motto “We’re A Lot Like You. A Little Different.” To target northwest customers specifically. The company tailors their advertisements to include various fictitious customers from the northwest. Some of the customer profiles Included are: “Walla Walla Wine Wine Woman Woman,” “Capital Hill Mixed Bag,” “Green Lake Power Walkers,” and “Supercharged Seahawks Fan.”

Here is the “Sandals and Socks Guy.”

Pemco also includes local marketing in their Pemco Difference statement. They claim to understand that “trees don’t always fall on the house across the street.” The quantity of trees as well as the frequency of wind and rain makes this statement applicable to Northwest clients. Later in the statement, Pemco maintains that they are an independent company for the Northwest specifically. Consequently, the company is free to decide problems on their own and make the decision that will benefit us, the Northwest.

Juliann Morrison- Section E


  1. Hello Juliann,

    I saw your post regarding local marketing and would like to compliment you on your insights. I am Rod Brooks and I am the Chief Marketing Officer for PEMCO Insurance. Our "A Lot Like You..." campaign has stimulated a great deal of very nice feedback since we launched it nearly two years ago. You are right on the mark, in that our objective is to demonstrate that we are the 'hyper-local" insurance company that really knows the people of the northwest. And we wanted to demonstrate that position in a way that makes people smile. I'm glad you enjoy the campaign and that it resonates as an example of memorable local marketing.

    Best regards,

    VP and CMO, PEMCO Insurance
    Northwest Marketing Guy
    Twitter: @NW_Mktg_Guy

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