Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Individual Marketing

Individual marketing is defined as tailoring products and marketing programs to the needs and preferences of individual customers. In this marketing strategy, products are customized to suit each person.

One company that has been using this strategy for over a decade now is Build-A-Bear Workshop. When thinking about which company succeeds using individual marketing, Build-A-Bear came to me. When I brought my 7-year-old sister to the workshop, she had a difficult time making decisions. That's because Build-A-Bear has over a hundred furry friends to select from, numerous possible outfits and accessories for the stuffed animals, and multiple different sounds to place into the bear along with its stuffing. Young boys and girls get excited when going to the workshop because these furry friends are tailored to their liking. A typical customer walks in, selects an animal, chooses a sound to be placed in it, stuffs the animal, grooms it, then selects an outfit (or multiple) for his/her new friend. After creating a furry friend, a customer names it and receives a unique birth certificate. Every customer walks out with a friend that is different from the friends of previous and future customers. Every customer customizes a friend to their preferences, and every customer is more satisfied this way.

Amanda Saechao, Section E



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