Thursday, January 28, 2010

Product Positioning/Positioning Map

Product Positioning is one of the many important aspects of marketing a new product. Not only must the marketers understand the purpose of the product, but so must the customers.

"The way the product is defined by consumers on important attributes (and) the place the product occupies in the consumers' minds relative to competing products" should be in line with the marketers' visions. If there is any discrepancy then, as with the iPad, there may be confusion on the customers' part.

This is a possible positioning map for the iPad. Based on what Apple said, the iPad is better than a netbook, has a bigger screen than an iPod Touch, and is more portable than a laptop. Furthermore, it has the capacity for eBooks which rivals the Amazon Kindle. However, it still seems unclear which area of the map Apple intended to occupy with it's new product.

Is the iPad distinct, desired, and defined?

  • It offers basic internet and word processing like the netbook, but lacks multi-task and Flash capabilities.
  • It offers eBooks like the Kindle, but will hurt your eyes whereas the Kindle uses ink.
  • It is very similar to Apple's own iPod Touch, but with a few more apps and a bigger screen, but it is less portable.
  • Many of Apple and Microsoft's current customers won't want it because it may not be better than the products they already have (those on the positioning map)
  • The iPad is apparently not meant to be a big version of the iPod Touch, but that is how consumers seem to view it.
While it is generally profitable to generate innovative products using advanced technology, such a launch will only be successful if it is placed properly in the market.

Marissa Violante
Section E

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