Wednesday, January 27, 2010


To bring happiness and fun to every customers, Amy's Ice cream made a success to differentiate its ice cream stores in several ways, in terms of product differentiation, service differentiation, people differentiation and image differentiation.

Product differentiation: They provide many choices by offering thousands of flavors with hundreds of toppings. Some of them are fabulous and daring favors like Shiner Bock. Which ice cream store can offer such a large number of combinations?

Service differentiation: As the video shown, the employees in the store seem like circus actors who fling scoops of ice cream around the store and catch in cups balanced on their chins before giving you a cup of ice cream. What they give not only ice cream, but also excitement and fun.

People differentiation: All the employees in the stores are creative, energetic and quirky to fit its culture. I do believe you can feel it after watching the video. Fun fact: Amy's application process involves decorating a white sandwich bag. Color, paint, collage, whatever.

Image differentiation: Together with these differentiations shaping its uniqueness, they do not make advertisement, instead they do donations to charity. For example, In 2004, when Amy’s had its 20 year anniversary, the company held a carnival open to the public to help benefit the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, and also handed out free ice cream to all customers at each Austin store for six and half hours on November 1st.

Selina Chan Lei Lam
Section G

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