Thursday, January 28, 2010

Positioning/Strategy - Derrick Rose w/ Adidas

Nike’s monopoly on the sports world is evident, especially out on the basketball arena. When entering the IMA on any given day, Nike’s Hyperdunk, Hyperize, and Zoom Kobe IV’s are sneakers that can frequently be seen out on the court. What do these shoes all have in common? -- The Hyperdunk is the world’s lightest basketball shoe and was broadcasted to the world when Kobe wore them during the Olympics. Since then, Nike has come up with the Hyperize, very similar to the Hyperdunk in terms of weight as well as Kobe’s signature shoe, the zoom IV’s.

As a direct competitor to Nike, Adidas played on this phenomenon by releasing their own shoe which could steal the thunder away from the Hyperdunks. Grabbing emerging all star point guard derrick rose from the Chicago Bulls, Adidas desired to position its product and capture those who yearned for a more lightweight shoe from the Adidas brand. As defined by Kotler in our marketing book, positioning “is arranging for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive, and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target consumers.” In essence, the main question is, why would consumers chose the Addidas TS creator lows’ as featured on the commercial below. After watching you will find out…

Referring back to Dr. J’s summarizing position slide: we our provided with the following template
“To (target market), X is the brand of (frame of reference) that (benefit/point of difference) because of (product attribute)”

Applying what we have learned from the commercial, or at least what I have learned/perceived, we should choose Adidas not only because Derrick Rose endorses Adidas, not just because of Adidas new design of a lightweight shoe, and not just because of its awesome looks, but also because Adidas also offers a variety of objects that can increase not only speed, but perhaps overall play.

A lightweight shoe “leads to” more quickness, the techfit powerweb calf sleeve retains energy which allows you to jump higher, and the speedwrap anklebrace provides a player with 5x more support which ultimately allows the player to “be fearless.”

Hence, with this knowledge, it would appear Adidas summarizing position would be
(just for the shoe itself):
- “To [basketball players nationwide], Adidas is the brand of [basketball shoes] that provides improved quickness because of its superior and unique lightweight design.”

In all, i believe this was a great example of positioning, and even strategy. This was "a complete contingent plan", as defined in lecture today. Not only did Adidas reveal its own version of a lightweight basketball shoe, BUT, it also included 'add ons', or products that could work well with, or go hand in hand, with the shoe.

Francis Legaspi


  1. Nike's brand inertia has affixed me to its company whenever I evaluate my alternatives, especially when buying basketball shoes. I currently own two pairs of Nike's Hyperdunk and never thought of owning another pair of shoes for the next half a year or so. That being said, that was a pretty sick Adidas commercial, being that I am a D-Rose fan. Although I will probably not buy his shoe, the advertisement has effectively grabbed my attention and when presented with the opportunity, I will probably try on a pair at a Foot Locker or Champs Sports. I'm sure Adidas realizes that they can't convert all the Nike loyalists, but they can at least hope for them to be more open-minded about their brand. It definitely worked on me.

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