Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Consumers' Buying Decision Process

This Bumpit infomercial illustrates how marketing is applicable to numerous steps of the consumers' buying decision process. According to Kotler, the buyer decision process starts from "need recognition, then moves to information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior" (see p. 146). This infomercial demonstrates the first four steps of the process.

The commercial begins by asking if you are tired of "flat, boring" hair. The black and white screenshot of the woman looking frazzled helps to convince other women of needing fuller volume. Next, the commercial gives you information about the product, including how to use it by simply parting your hair, teasing it, inserting the Bumpit and fluffing it up. It also highlights the attributes of the product being self-gripping, comfortable, concealed, and secure. Third, comparisons are made to alternative solutions to getting greater volume. First, you could style your hair yourself, but that takes a long time and falls flat quickly. Another solution could be to go to a salon and get your hair styled professionally. However, that would cost over $100 for each visit. Thus, the best choice would be the Bumpit. Last, the informercial instills a sense of urgency by telling the viewer to purchase the product now because there is a limited time offer to double the order of Bumpits.

Karlyn Kurokawa, Section E

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