Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Psychographic Segmentation

People are different. Plain and simple. Psychographic segmentation is dividing the buyers in the market into groups based on social class, lifestyle, or personality characteristics.

The example that I found demonstrates psychographic segmentation and more precisely, personality characteristics. The video that I have linked up is about a gym in Colorado called the “Anti-Gym.” I remembered watching a news report about this gym so I found the video on youtube. Unlike most gyms where the owners want to create a friendly environment, the Anti-Gym does the complete opposite. Instead of letting the gym goers work out at their own pace, Anti-Gym uses humiliation methods to encourage people to work out harder. Such methods include the throwing cupcakes, handcuffing people to machines and yelling people at megaphone.

Like it was described in the video, the Anti-Gym is not for everyone but it is for some people. The owner of the Anti-Gym said “I don’t care if you hate me, bottom line, no body helps people more than we do. ” The people that he was referring to are people who are not ashamed of humiliation, people who are less self-driven and needed more external influences, or people who have strong dedications for their goals and use negative feedbacks to fuel their desires. These people share the similar personality and Anti-Gym segmented the its market share of fitness facility based on that consumer base.

Jason Lao, Section E

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