Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Competitive Advantage

With the Fast Food Restaurant business so closely related, separating your business from the rest is vital for survival. Most of these companies offer low priced, quick food service with fairly similar menus. Due to these similarities, competitive advantages must be displayed to the public in order to distinguish their business. On page 186 it can be found that competitive advantages are gained by offering some value to customers that distinguish it from their competitors. By differentiating their products based on different features like, services, channel, people, image…they can gain customer support over closely related markets. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy a just having these advantages, it is also important to choose which differences, and how many to promote.

In the Burger King’s new commercial with a baby ‘born yesterday’, the company attempts to make their differences extremely evident. Realizing the needs of their customers, and the drive for affordable burgers with a large amount of meet, Burger King makes the fact blatant that they offer a superior burger with more meat. With the intention of grasping McDonald’s customers they display their burger next to their new bigger one. This shows that Burger King is living up to its expectations, and is an “obvious deal, even if you were born yesterday”.

Brandon Barron

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