Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Positioning is about determining the place that a product or brand has in the minds of consumers.
In 2006 Apple, Inc. began its "Get a Mac" advertising campaign. The point of the campaign was to help convince people that Apple computers were a viable and, in fact, superior alternative to Windows based personal computers. To help people reach this conclusion, Apple used two characters intended to represent Apple's products and their competitor's products. Through the representation of PCs in the form of a suit-wearing, overweight, thirty-something and Macs in the form of a younger, more casually dressed man, Apple gives the impression that they are the computer brand of choice for relaxed, young, fashionable consumers and that Windows based PCs are only for boring, older, business-like people. On top of this clear signaling of the kind of consumer that Apple is targeting, the ads provide structured as vignettes highlighting what Apple believes to be their strengths over their competitors. All together, the ad campaign presents Apple computers as being stable, fun, and easy to use.

Cullen Kester, Section G


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