Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Product's Postition

The other day I was talking with my husband about some of the intersting marketing strategies I was learning about in chapter six. I started sharing what I was learning were some of the reasons Toyota was doing so much better than American car companies like Ford. I thought he was just pretending to listen, but then whadya know, he was listening! Because he then told me he thinks he remembers when Toyota turned the corner and started to take off. He remembered some old commercials back in the late 70's..80's maybe that showed different consumers in their old beat up Toyotas with a couple hundred thousand miles on them. From that point on he thinks Toyota's Product Position in the mind of consumers became "the car that could go forever", and that's one of the reasons they gained so much popularity.

A Product's Position is the way the product is defined by consumers...To simplify the buying process, consumers organize products, services, and companies into categories and "position" them in their minds. (p185) The following add illustrates the point.

Jenniffer Wellbrock


  1. That is definitely true. Companies like Toyota and Honda differentiate themselves from other companies by positioning themselves as reliable, fuel efficient car brands. They are doing so well because these features create a big pool of potential customers.

    Ekaterina Ogay
    Section G

  2. My family is a huge fan of Toyota and Honda. Not that my parents dislike cars that are manufactured in Europe or USA, but they admire the concepts behind the existence of Toyota and Honda. When I was talking to my dad about these two cars, he mentioned two things he likes the most about Toyota and Honda. Firstly, is of course due to their economical, fuel efficient trait. Secondly, is because of the style of the car. In the eyes of my family, Toyota and Honda are elegant in an affordable way. Honda coupe, for example, looks really nice and beautiful for approximately 20K, of style is considered comparable to other expensive cars such as BMW. It may just be my family who thinks of Toyota and Honda this way, but surely this is the kind of target market Toyota and Honda aim for. They have been doing a pretty good job on that.

    Clairine Runtung (Claire)
    MKTG 301 SEction G