Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Market Targeting

Market targeting is the when the company evaluates the attractiveness of each segment the defined during the segmentation process and selects their target market - the set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that they want to serve. In this example with Mary J. Blige AT&T is focusing on a specific group of consumers. My professor in COM202 last quarter showed us this video in lecture one day and I thought if it when we were learning about the STP process and positioning statement. Clearly, they are trying to target women. I think, more specifically, women who are independent and have style. She has confidence in her stride and walks with purpose. Her outfit changes multiple times and even the song playing in the background lends to the message AT&T is trying to convey..."ain't got nothin' on me..." To me, this is a good example of market targeting because it's pretty evident the type of buyer they're looking for and what they'll get out of the phone if they get do decide to purchase it. It's a phone for every style.

Nikki Macgregor, Section G

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