Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Heineken Way

This very popular and hilarious commercial was drawn up by the marketers at the Heineken Brewing Co, and represents some of the key concepts presented by Kotler in the textbook.  The commercial shows how crucial proper Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning is for effective marketing when drawing up a proposed commercial or advertisement.  The company's website reveals that Heineken prides itself on three key product attributes: Respect, Quality and Enjoyment.  In this latest commercial, Heineken uses examples to target potential consumers who too live by the three ideologies of respect, quality and enjoyment.  By targeting and portraying Heineken drinkers as fun, successful and sociable the company has created an accurate and profitable segment; successful, middle class men.  By using the far-fetched yet potentially awesome concept of a walk in beer fridge to rival the Mrs' shoe collection, Heineken has attracted the attention of an ENORMOUS consumer market.  By positioning themselves as the affordable, sophisticated and enjoyable good-time beer, Heineken was able move beyond Europe and capture a larger market share of the highly lucrative American beer industry.

Peter Wilson 

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