Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Product Position

Product position is the way consumers view the product based on its distinguishing attributes. A product's position is highly dependent on how the consumer perceives the product.

This commercial for the Porsche 911 starts off with a boy in school. He does not show much interest for the subject and stares out the window. He then sees a 911 Carrera driving by and can't stop staring. It is shown that the boy is also drawing a Porsche rather than taking notes. After class, the boy races out of the building and gets on his bike to ride to the Porsche dealership. Inside he is greeted by a salesman who shows him the new 911. The boy gets inside and can barely see above the steering wheel. He then exits the car and asks the salesman for a business card and promises to return in the future.

Porsche's positioning statement for the 911 series probably goes something like:

"To the passionate car enthusiast, the all new 911 Carrera is the sports car that defines who we are."

-Jorge Alegre, MKTG 301E


  1. I think that this ad is very interesting and your analysis of it is great too. When I watched the ad, it immeadiately triggered some aspects of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the "esteem needs." It seems as though this ad touched on the concept of status and recognition. The boy wants to be a man and have this proper status, and by having that car her feels he is getting there. Therefore he aspires to have it. The ad also says "ignites passionate drivers" and it "defines the purest expression of who we are." This are completely status types of comments to touch on that Esteem aspect of Maslow.

    Kelcey Simpson, Section G

  2. I agree with the above comment of connecting this ad to Maslow:s Hierarchy of Needs. The fact that the ad uses a boy, who does not know technical aspects of the car, to be very interested in Porsche. Porsche effectively illustrates the point of feeling their 'purest expression of who [they] are'. I think Porsche positions itself well becuase this ad is clearly different from other automobile ads where they focus on the rapidness of the car, guzzling engine, etc...

    Shogo Okuda
    Section G

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