Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marketing at Work

Marketing at Work

In helping to define marketing and the marketing process we learned about market segmentation, target marketing, positioning and market differentiation. In helping to describe this topic one example that came to my mind was coffee. I’m a HUGE fan of the stuff and I’m always searching out new and different coffee shops or coffee brands to see how they are going about making their coffee unique. Market segmentation means the act of dividing the market into different groups. These different groups can place emphases on different needs, characteristics or behaviors of the buyers. There are many different kinds of coffee market segmentations; at least for me I tend to see a couple of the segments as:
Trendy more expensive coffee- This type of segment caters to customers who like the brand because of its popularity among the majority of people. This coffee is easy to find at all times and can be personalized to however the customer wants it.
Inexpensive, yet consistent coffee- This type of segment caters to customers who like quick, but familiar coffee.
Sustainable, environmentally friendly coffee- This type of segment caters to customers who feel responsible in what they consume and hold value in the type of coffee the use.

These are not all segments of coffee but just a couple that I myself have been drawn to because of various reasons. One that especially is interesting to me is the sustainable, environmentally friendly coffee. One example of a coffee company that targets to this market is Camano Island Coffee Company. They’re positioning strategy is that they provide organic, shade-grown, fair-trade coffee to its customers. What I find even more interesting is how they differentiate themselves from other sustainable coffee companies. What they do differently is they give $1 of every pound of coffee they sell to a non-profit organization called Argos. In doing this they are helping the people in the countries where the coffee is grown and gathered. Here is a clip on the company…


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