Thursday, January 28, 2010

Focus Groups and Target Markets

Group Interviewing is a method of collecting primary data where a group of people is "invited to meet with a trained moderator to discuss a product, service, or organization." (page 108) A target market is a "set of buyers who share common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve." (p177)

In this commercial cute fuzzy characters are asked what emotions are evoked in seeing the new Dodge Calliber. At first I was questioning why Dodge would want to advertise that their car was "scary", and seemingly not child friendly (that is the first thought that came to mind, before I saw who was speaking). But then it all made sense when the observers made their statement.

This is a different type of focus group than I am used to hearing of. When I think focus group I think of targeting potential customers and current customers in order to make the product better. This commercial uses a different method to appeal to customers, in saying that this new car is "anything but cute". While some car companies go for a family appeal, others target the gas conscious market, and others try to appeal to the adventurous customers. This commercial targets anyone who is not "cuddly wuddly" or "warm and fuzzy" by showing that is exactly what they are not.

Alexandra Peha
Section G


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