Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Consumers' Buying Decision Process (Need Recognition)

Advertisements are directed to all five steps of the consumers' buying decision process. The first step that this blog will be focused on is need recognition. Need recognition is encouraging consumers to see the existing state is NOT the desired state. Or in simpler terms telling the consumer something is wrong and if he/she uses the company's product everything will be fixed.

I saw an example of advertising for need recognition while watching a football game on TV. I looked the commercial up on YouTube. In the video below, Viagra is showing a couple dissatisfied with their love life. After a couple seconds it shows what the man could have if he took Viagra.

This example is a great demonstration of Viagra advertising to the need recognition of the buying decision process. It shows the targeted consumer it is not normal to have a boring relationship and that having erectile dysfunction can be fixed. Also, it helps the consumer visualize what he could have (desired relationship). It shows the man dancing with his wife and having a fun time. This advertisement is great because it not only shows that the existing state is not desired, but also shows what the desired state could be.

Trevor Power, Section E

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  1. The term is on the lecture slides of consumer behavior.