Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is defined to be set of tactical marketing tools which include the four P's:prouct, price, place and promotion (pg. 47.) The four P's of a firm blend together to produce the response it wants in the target market and delivering value to its customers (pg. 51-52.)

The following video being pitched by "Vince", features the Slap Chop (and Graty.)Vince and the Slap Chop Company express all four of the P's of the marketing mix. The product of course is the Slap Chop, which is a versatile chopper that works when you slap the plunger. Every slap triggers the three blades below to chop and cut the food. The price is $19.95 for the Slap Chop plus the promotion of the additional Graty (of course plus the Shipping and Handling!) The final P is the the place. This online ad I found on YouTube states that it can be purchased by the 1-800 phonenumber or online. I believe the quick fame it picked up all over the country and ever around the world influenced it to be a Youtube hit, just putting its word out even more. Even re-mix's and rap's have been made about this product, just making it even more popular.

Joel Anderson, MKTG 301 G

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