Wednesday, January 27, 2010

External Positioning Purpose

      During class we went over the positioning statement and its purpose both internally and externally. The external purpose is to differentiate the company's product or service and to establish an identity in the eyes of the consumers. An example that demonstrates this concept well is the Mac vs. PC ads. The ads are created by Apple and are designed to make PCs look terrible, while simultaneously making Macs look like the best option available. This particular ad involves a woman named Megan who is looking to buy a computer. She states various features that she wants (i.e. large screen, fast processor, lack of viruses and ensuing headaches). All of the PCs gradually taper off, leaving the Mac as the only option (inferring that the Mac satisfies all of her needs/wants).

      Apple is able to differentiate their product from PCs (and Microsoft) by demonstrating that they offer a product that is not only simple, but also high in quality and performance. Apple is also able to establish an identity to its customers by making the Mac a young, hip, trendy individual (inferring that Apple is a hip and innovative company). This image is then compared to the PC, who is portrayed as an old, nerdy individual (indicating that Microsoft is a boring company filled with computer nerds). I have always found it interesting that Apple is more focused on what PCs (and Microsoft) are unable to do, as opposed to directly stating all of the things that the Mac is able to do. It definitely seems to be working, however, as Apple's share of the market continues to increase.

Jared Fagan
Section G

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