Thursday, January 28, 2010

Local Marketing

Local Marketing is tailoring brands and promotions to the needs and wants of local customer groups - cities, neighborhoods, and even specific stores. I learned in my management 300 class that one of the top selling items and returns for the Costco located in Hawaii is Scuba/Snorkel gear. I later confirmed with a friend that the Costco in Hawaii does in fact sell these items and that they later sell the returned used gear to snorkel and scuba shops across the island.

I believe that this scuba/snorkel gear can be classified as local marketing because other Costco locations do not normally carry these items. Also Hawaii is a destination for swimming and snorkeling so it makes sense that they would carry these items. You would not expect to find these items at a Costco in the Montana.

Link to Costco website:

Kenichi Sato, Seciton G


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  2. I will also confirm the opinions of this post. I'm from Hawaii and the McDonald's fast-food restaurants there serve local products on their breakfast menu. Such breakfast platters include Portuguese Sausage, eggs, and rice, or for people with a more man-sized hunger, they'd opt for the SPAM, Portuguese Sausage, eggs, and rice. I'm not sure if they include the heart attack too, but if they're getting breakfast at McDonald's, I guess they know what they're getting into.

    The uniqueness of the State of Hawaii means that it is not only recommended, in my opinion, but a necessary means to compete with other local chains, restaurants, and companies. The culture is definitely incomparable and measures should be taken to outperform the competition. In this sense, McDonald's does the right thing, because other chains like Jack-in-the-Box, Taco Bell (they don't even serve breakfast), Burger King, and the like, are outmatched on the breakfast side of things. Finally, as a symbol of uniqueness, McDonald's has a website created specifically for Hawaii: