Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ipad Intrduction Ads - Positioning

Positioning: to place a product or brand in certain position in consumers' minds.

Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, unveiled the Apple iPad on 01/26/10. The name of the new tablet was revealed only a few days ago, and aims to separate itself from tablet computers such as Microsoft's new Slate PC category.

Ipad is the latest Apple product set to land on the market in march, which Reinforces Apple's position in the minds of consumers: highest-technology, leading the world, and improving everyone's life.

Ipad's new hardware functions include multi-touch, which recognizes different touch actions in terms of fingers' height and action, and automatic orientation adjustment of screen when you turn around Ipad. Software functions include new age software of web browser, email, pphots, video, Ibooks, and games.

In the campaign, every section introducing those functions repeatly emphasize on that Apple is changing everyone's lifestyle, providing the newest technology that other competitors do not have, and leading the world to a new age. These concentrations are aimed at positioning Apple in the most modern and important place in consumers' minds. Through the ads, Apple is absolutely dinstinctive from other high-tech companies such as Microsoft. The unique design of Ipad positions Apple in the first place, where others have to try their best to catch up.

In conclusion, Apple is positioning itself as the No.1 priority in the industry and reinforcing the brand's reputation of always being the best.

Bo Jiang

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