Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Positioning Statement

The positioning statement is a statement meant to summarize the company's benefits and positive attributes compared to other competitors that will stay in the minds of target consumers (pg. 192). The typical format of a positioning statement is: To target market, x is a brand of frame of reference that benefit because of positive attributes.

While watching ESPN, I saw this commercial for Bud Light. I looked it up on YouTube.

The positioning statement I came up with for this commercial is: "To tailgaters, Bud Light is a brand of tailgate items, such as beer and the grooler, that will help you have fun and bond with friends because of the hip products that all your friends will want." The target market is tailgaters because in the video shows some tailgaters using the grooler. Because the guy holding up the hot dog from the grooler is smiling and with a bunch of friends it shows that Bud Light wants the target market to believe their products will help you have fun with friends and create a bonding experience. The enthusiastic nature of the promoter and all the happy people show that their products are hip. This is why I believe this is an accurate positioning statement of this specific commercial.

Trevor Power, Section E

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