Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Customer Relationship Tools

Companies are using relationship building tools to help further develop their relationship with customers. Relationship building tools include offering special benefits and programs to their valued customers (pg 16-17).

Macy's Star Rewards is an example of a relationship building tool. Star Rewards is a program that rewards customers for their loyalty with Macy's. The cards are color-coordinated (Red, Gold, Platinum, and Elite(black)) and the color of the card depends on customer's spending level. Red being the lowest and Elite being the highest. Customers can change the color of their cards by purchasing more. Cardholders enjoy benefits (according to the colors) such as monthly savings, easy returns without a receipt, free service, and exclusive shopping events. The ones with the Elite membership will receive more exclusive benefits and the cardholders of the Visa version can receive gift certificates.

Shufen Wu
Section E

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