Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Evaluation of Alternatives

The third step of the "Buyer Decision Process" is the "Evaluation of Alternatives."(p. 147) During this stage of the process, a consumer arrives at a final set of brand choices and then must evaluates them based on their own individual needs, and on the specific buying situation. Companies respond to this buy researching how various consumers evaluate brand alternatives, and adjust their marketing accordingly.

Verizon has made a big attempt to change how customers evaluate them when choosing between cell phone providers. Verizon has been at a big disadvantage in the smart phone market because of AT&T exclusive right to distribute the iphone. They have responded with a marketing campaign that focuses on how much larger their 3g coverage is then AT&T's. This is because smartphones require a fast internet connection to be of much use. So while AT&T may have the hottest phone, it may run extremely slow in many places where a consumer would want to use it. Whats the point of having a cool phone if you can only use it in a few places? That is the question Verizon wants consumers to ask themselves when they are evaluating brand alternatives.

Jesse Rosen
Section E


  1. As witnessed in class today, just as WalMart and Amazon need to not lose sight of other competitors such as Target, it is vital that AT&T and Verizon not lose sight of T-Mobile and Sprint, with more of an emphasis on T-Mobile. Although T-Mobile has been behind the times on their 3G network, they finally have the ball rolling and most major cities in the U.S. now have T-Mobile's 3G coverage, provided that they have a 3G capable phone. With that in mind, T-Mobile probably still has some catching up to do, but their biggest strength has always been their competitive pricing on their rate plans and first-rate customer service (#1 in Wireless Customer Care according to J.D. Power and Associates).

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