Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Market Targeting and Positioning

After the segmentation process customer-driven marketing strategy, the next step is to decide which groups of those segments marketers have identified to target. By definition, target market consists of a set of buyers who share common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve (pg. 177).

After defining your target market, positioning your product differently from competitors on how customers view your product’s certain attributes and benefits gained. The important strategy here is to highlight attributes from your product that will give greater delight to consumers than your competitors.

What I looked at was how energy drinks target their consumers. In this particular video, the Steaz Energy Drink targeted athletes. The commercial clearly targets individuals who exercises and trains a tremendous amount. The intensity of the music and the words appearing on the screen such as, “strive for excellence, faster, stronger, healthier” appeals to athletes who need a lot of energy to keep them going in order to achieve those goals of being fast, healthy, and strong. Athletes are the people who will most likely purchase Steaz Energy Drinks because it will boost their training efficiency levels.

The company also positioned themselves apart from their competitors with this short video. They offer an appealing attribute such organic ingredients to keep you going without running out of fuel. The consumer will believe that this is beneficial for them than, for example, to drink a Red Bull because it provides natural energy instead of chemicals produced in labs. The natural energy is healthy and keeps your body moving forward.

Annie Chen, Section E

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