Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Customer Satisfaction

As we all know, customer satisfaction is an essential key to successfully market a company (see page 14). It refers to the extent of whether or not the product customers buy and the service they receive meets the expectation. Many well-known companies have put a lot of efforts into building and improving it.

The example from youtube is one of the commercials from T-Mobile. T-Mobile currently performs a great service in call quality, customer care and customer satisfaction in the cell phone industry. In this commercial, the little girl wanted to get her own cell phone but was refused by her mother because of the costs. The other two boys were also asking for cell phone but were rejected by their parents in different ways. I think this commercial is a good example of expressing customer satisfaction because it reflects the fact that many young adults desire for cell phones and that most parents disagree with it due to the costs. So the company’s solution is to try to satisfy both of its market, the young adults and their parents. The offer of only $49.99 per month with 1000 whenever minutes to share by T-Mobile, not only fulfills the needs of cell phones for kids, but also solves the high cost problems for parents. As a result, T-Mobile achieves its goal of providing good customer care and satisfaction to its target markets.

The other example is also showing the fact that T-Mobile thinks highly of their customers. Due to the fact that T-Mobile has constantly cared about its customers, it has been awarded in the areas of customer satisfaction for 5 years in a row.

-Ai (Beanca) Ho, Section G

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