Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Branding and Packaging: Tiffany &Co

According to Kotler, branding is “a name, term, sign, symbol, or design or a combination of these that identifies the product or services of one seller or group of sellers and differentiates them from those of competitors.” Packaging is simply “the activities of designing and producing the container or wrapper for the product.

The statement “diamonds are forever” has had a major impact on women ever since the statement came out. Today, Tiffany & Co, a premier jewelry company that sells fine diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories including crystal items and even clocks, is a superior, suave, and select jeweler desired by many women. You can see it through college campuses; earrings with the Tiffany & Co. symbol pressed into the fine metal, labeled rings, and the famous Tiffany & Co. key necklaces, almost all of these items adorning the “please return to Tiffany & Co, New York” symbol. An example of this is in the picture.This one symbol alone brands the company apart from other fine jewelers and is something that sets the Tiffany & Co prestige unique from other companies. This brand is very identifiable to the consumer as she would immediately know that the item is authentic to Tiffany & Co and is backed by the impression of being an item of quality, value, and prestige.

Something unique to Tiffany & Co. is the packaging; the infamous “Tiffany’s Blue Box.” This box is essentially the packaging for the jewelry item as it contains/wraps the product. Something interesting about this “blue box” packaging is that it seems to have led consumers to easily recognize the brand. Therefore, Tiffany & Co. uses branding in multiple facets, both the symbol on the jewelry as well as the box itself that identifies the product and differentiates it from other competitors. Without even seeing what is in the box, the blue box makes a statement that there is a Tiffany & Co. item inside of it, and this is very distinguishable from all other jewelry companies. In this commercial company, the highlights are the captures of the blue boxes in different scenarios. Certainly, this is a way of branding for Tiffany & Co. as it seems that a lot of the hype is around the box itself and clearly identifies the item to the company exclusively.

Kelcey Simpson, Section G


  1. The Tiffany "blue" has also influenced non-Tiffany products. Nike collaborated with a skate company, Diamond Supply Co., to produce a Nike Skate Shoe.

    The shoe includes a diamond patch on the tongue and utilizes the Tiffany "blue" color. Even though the shoe is not related to the Tiffany Brand, the shoes have been dubbed the name "Tiffanys" and most consumers know the shoe as the "Tiffany Dunks."


    Kenichi Sato Section G

  2. I agree with the fact that the Tiffany "blue" color has a symbolic representation of Tiffany itself. I think the fact that Tiffany did not choose the path of differentiating its advertisement led to this outcome. While the company has different types of advertisement, the company logo is identified within the "blue" box. So I think that this uniformity adds to the branding of Tiffany.

    Shogo Okuda
    Section G

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