Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is defined as positioning "brands clearly in target customers' minds" (Kotler 215). Brand can be positioned at any of three levels: product attributes, desirable benefit, and beliefs and values. There is a Domino's Pizza commercial (1985) successfully positioning the brand at the desirable benefit level.

First, the ads basically emphasizes only 2 outstanding advantages of Domino's Pizza. First, the ads tells us that Domino promises that every pizza delivered will be fresh because they do not start making pizza until customers call to order ("our hands do not move until you tell them to"). It is a great product attribute since not every other competitors have so many local stores to secure the high quality of every pizza as Domino, of which there are 9000 stores around the world.

Second, the ads promises a desirable benefit: delivery in 30 minutes. It is not a product attribute but a service associated to its products. By this better positioning, the brand, Domino's Pizza, is assosciated with quick delivery beside high quality in customers' minds. Calling delicious pizza without going out of home and enjoying pizza within 30 minutes are really the product and service customers are seeking for. Domino positions its brand very successful in customers' minds.

Bo Jiang



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