Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Consumer-Oriented Marketing

While reading chapter 16 on Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility and having recently visited PCC while shopping for groceries, I made a connection with the way PCC is specifically marketing to its customers. PCC’s focus is on sustainability, community and being environmentally friendly. It provides an easy way for customers to buy the kinds of products that support this type of socially responsible spending. I believe PCC is using the method of consumer-oriented marketing in that it goes beyond customer’s expectations in supporting environmentally friendly grocery selling. According to the text book customer-oriented marketing “means that the company should view and organize its marketing activities from the consumer’s point of view. It should work hard to sense, serve, and satisfy the needs of a defined group of customers” (Kotler 492). In satisfying its environmentally friendly customers, PCC is not only committed to serving its customers it also educates customers on nutrition, food safety and earth friendly food practices. PCC also has taken extreme measures to make the stores themselves as sustainable as possible. All stores are designed to have low energy impact on the environment. Each store is different but some of the ways they have met these needs are using natural lighting by adding skylights in the stores, using non-toxic paint on all its walls and harvesting rainwater. As you can tell, PCC has taken customer concerns of being environmentally conscious and made its own efforts to exceed customer’s expectations for the company.
-Hayley J. Sanders
MKTG 301 G

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