Thursday, March 4, 2010

Discount Pricing

This is an ad for LA Fitness. It is a coupon for for one day of the month to save $30 on a monthly fee. It is only good for a certain amount of time and starts on "Black Friday". LA Fitness is taking a discount approach to lure in new customers. They are temporarily lowering their price for one month of membership, however they will have the customer pay the full price after that until they decide to end their contract. This is a good way for LA Fitness to attract new customers. Getting a month of membership for free is a great deal and most people would come to sign up for that. It also states "Contact me Now for info" putting an emphasis on the "now" making the consumer feel a sense of urgency as if they dont act on this sale now it might not ever become available again.

Jennifer Cheadle

Section G

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