Thursday, March 4, 2010

Online Marketing Research

Online Marketing Research is method in which companies can gather primary data through the internet. Companies can conduct “internet survey, web-based experiments, online focus groups, or tracking consumer online behavior” to better understand consumers. is an example of online marketing research. is owned by WPP Group (Communications Services Group). Since 1946, has been collecting primary data from consumers through online surveys. Consumers can register and become a part of’s online panel group and express their opinions through their monthly surveys. conducts surveys on almost every topic and product. User also have the choice to allow to track some of the online advertisement they see. has a point system in which users can gain points and redeem the points for cash. For every survey completed, consumers are awarded a certain amount of points. Consumers can earn up to $4,000 dollars just by completing surveys and offering their opinions on certain products and topics.

Shufen Wu
Section E
Sources: Kotler, chapter 4 page 109;


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