Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Social Marketing

Kotler describe social marketing in ch. 7 as " the use of commercial marketing concepts and tools in programs designed to influence individuals' behavior to improve their well-being and that of society.

How many times have we seen ads like this in magazines or TV? This is the perfect example of social marketing because this ad is clearly trying to influence people's behavior. The message marketed is designed to warn people about the risks involved with smoking and to influence people to stop smoking. In the picture, Ronaldo Martinez is telling the world that smoking gave him throat cancer which caused a hole in his throat. Now Ronaldo has to use this hole to breathe and uses a machine to speak. This powerful image is marketing an idea, in fact, it's marketing a social idea that smoking is a health hazard and has its consequences. And if one does not stop, one could end up like this man.

Tu Pham

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