Monday, March 1, 2010

Advertising appeals with PR and social marketing

Advertisements can be seen everywhere via TV, billboard, and many other places. According to the textbook, advertising strategy consists of two major elements: creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media (Kotler, page 361). Creating advertising messages includes breaking through the clutter, creating a good message strategy and message execution. To create an effective advertising message, it is important to have the creative concept---the compelling “big idea” that will bring the advertising message strategy to life in a distinctive and memorable way---as a guide to appeal consumers.
In this example which I found from Youtube, Starbucks used a mix of these concepts plus societal marketing to express their care and support towards the voting, as well as connecting and maintaining public relations, social welfare and social responsibility to the public.

Ai (Beanca) Ho, Section G


  1. I agree with you that Starbucks has successfully employed the use of public relations to their advantage. I read in the book that until recently, they did not really advertise. I think that the Starbucks brand has been created even more strongly through the use of public relations and other means. In fact, I think advertising can sometimes cause a negative view of a product/service by causing consumers to think that a product is being "pushed" onto them. Through the use of public relations, a consumer is free to choose whether or not they want to connect with a brand. I believe that Americans today are more independent than ever. They don't like being told what they should buy or do, which might be the vibe that advertisements send off. Instead, through public relations messages, they are free to choose to agree or disagree and once they agree, their consensus might be even stronger than an agreement/persuasion formed through advertisement. Through the use of public relations, a company can strengthen its brand by identifying with the public on issues that it is passionate about. Through the use of public relations, a company can save money and create even more loyal consumer relationships based off of mutual interest of a certain topic/issue.

    -Caroline Tsoi, Section E

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