Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Idea Marketing: Social

According to the textbook, social marketing is “the use of commercial marketing concepts and tools in programs designed to influence individuals’ behavior to improve their well-being and that of society” (203). Essentially, social marketing is a campaign that targets and points at societal needs, problems, and health. This type of marketing is said to typically go the promotional aspect of the P’s in the marketing mix while it looks at a wide array of other aspects in the social marketing climate. This social marketing is considered to be taking the product into the “idea” aspect of market offering.

Currently, Dove, a company known for moisturizing creams, body washes, deodorants, and other body care items, is partnering in the Campaign For Real Beauty through the Dove Self Esteem Fund that missions itself behind the statement, “Let’s make peace with beauty.” Dove contributes to this effort by donating a portion of their product profit to the Self Esteem Fund. This sets up self esteem classes that help pressured and struggling girls and teenage women who have difficulty priding their personal body image. As seen in this commercial specifically, Dove is showing their efforts towards this goal; acknowledging real beauty in the world versus the fake, perfect perception society typically portrays in ad campaigns. This shows Dove backing a cause that is meant to improve young women’s well-being which affects society as a whole, the essential aspect of social marketing. Nowhere in this ad does the viewer see a single Dove product, but at the end of the commercial, the Dove brand name is stated to be backing the campaign. Certainly, this social effort supports their company by showing customers that Dove contributes to humanitarian efforts. As a customer purchasing from Dove, one might feel more encouraged to purchase a product that goes towards such a cause, and knowing that Dove does this could potentially affect a customer's purchasing decision. Certainly, as a whole, Dove clearly exhibits an aspect of social marketing as it strives to help redefine stereotypes and “make peace with beauty.”

Kelcey Simpson, Section G


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