Thursday, March 4, 2010

Service Outputs

In the end, all users prefer more services to fewer, that is obvious. But the bigger question is how much are people willing to pay for these services? In this commercial by Wendy's it bashes on restaurants (like Red Robin) saying that the services they provide add up too many costs, and drive prices too high for the average consumers. Service outputs include bulk breaking, waiting delivery time, product variety, spatial convenience, and customer service. This commercial focuses on customer service and the spatial convenience and how unnecessary it is in getting your wings. Although many people enjoy these features, like a fancy bartender, cool decorations on the wall, tv's playing sports games, and birthday services, the prices that these services come with outweighs the actual benefit. This allows Wendy's to position itself as a cheaper, quick and easy, efficient purchase with more value for your 4.99$ purchase. What they are really saying, is that you can get the same product as other restaurants at a much cheaper price, if you avoid all the 'unnecessary' service outputs.

Brandon Brron


  1. Good. I saw this commercial and thought that Wendy's was missing out on the fact that how you buy something is important as what you buy. But you are right that they are saying the competing "how" is not worth the money.

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