Sunday, February 28, 2010

Message Strategy

Message Strategy is the first step in creating an effective advertising message. It provides the foundation for the rest of the advertising campaign. According to Kotler the first step of developing a message strategy is "identifying customer benefits that can be used as advertising appeals" (Kotler 363). From past chapters and lectures we have learned that customers buy products based on their perceived value and benefits they offer rather than for the product in and of itself. An advertisement's success is rooted in its ability to communicate the products benefits and value to particular customers.

The next step of message strategy outlined in Kotler is the development of a creative concept. This is defined as "the compelling big idea that will bring the advertising message strategy to life in a distinctive and memorable way" (Kotler 363). This may manifest itself as a phrase, a visualization, or both.

Finally, the creative concept will provide guidelines for the construction of advertising appeals. These advertising appeals should have three characteristics: they should be meaningful, point out benefits that makes the product more desirable. They should be believable and thirdly they should be distinctive, meaning they should tell how the product is better than the competitor (Kotler 363). The hit television series Mad Men features a scene in which one of the main characters Don Draper makes a advertisement sales pitch that illustrates the important qualities in a message strategy (unfortunately the embedded feature on this youtube video is disabled, sorry for the inconvenience):

Don Draper illustrates the proposed message strategy for a lipstick. He does so by identifying a unique customer benefit, the benefit of having a unique kiss, the ability to mark a woman's territory, her man. The creative concept manifests itself in the form of the phrase "Mark Your Man". The advertising proposal is meaningful, believable, and distinctive.

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  1. An advertising campaign will set specific goals that must be realized in a given period of time. In the event that the campaign does not quite meet the goals, the overall approach can be reworked slightly for the remainder of the campaign, or the information gained during the current campaign can be used to create a more effective follow-up advertising campaign strategy

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