Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Consumer-generated marketing

Companies are often inviting consumers to play a more active role in shaping brand messages and ads through consumer-generated marketing (see page 19). Both invited and uninvited marketing messages, ads or other brand exchanges created by consumers themselves is considered consumer-generated marketing. Pros include deeper consumer involvement, stronger sense of community surrounding brand, and potential for more affordable reach and impact of the marketing message. However, the main con is that the marketer loses direct control of the content and the message that is being created.

Doritos has a contest for consumers to develop a Super Bowl commercial with the top three winners getting cash prizes and airplay of their commercial during the Super Bowl

Last year's winner created a lot of buzz as one of the best commercials of the Super Bowl. The following creative consumer-generated advertisement earned free additional exposure as the contest winners were featured on talk shows, consumers watched the video on YouTube, and blogs and news articles mentioned Doritos as one of the best advertisers of the Super Bowl.

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